Measurement and Analysis Techniques for Embedded System Designers

Presented by National Instruments and Tektronix

Attend the free half-day seminar led by industry experts to learn about measurement and analysis techniques that will reduce test and debugging time of your embedded system design. The seminar will illustrate streamlined methods and tools to speed your product design life cycle by making precise measurements, running power efficiency and other custom analysis routines and report generation, and optimizing control of instruments on your design bench.

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Who Should Attend?

Embedded system design engineers performing system-level integration of parallel and serial buses on systems that include DRAM-based memory, processors, switched power supplies, and graphic and display systems.

Session 1: Automated Control of Measurement Tasks for Consistent Results

 A "connected bench" can provide a workgroup of embedded engineers with access to data and consistent reporting results through the power of the PC and the Internet/local area network (LAN). Learn how to connect your Tektronix instruments for control, logging, and display of acquired measurements using NI LabVIEW and LabVIEW SignalExpress. Discover analysis and visualization techniques you can take back to your lab.

Session 2: Advanced Analysis Tools for Debugging and Verification

The ability to perform advanced analysis and custom signal processing on acquired signal is key to converting measurements to useful information about your design. Learn about correlating measurements from multiple instruments, developing custom analysis routines, and reusing your math scripts. Using one software tool chain for test debugging, verification, and automation will also be covered.

Session 3: Enhancing Embedded System Testing

Walk through an embedded design workflow from prototype turn-on to certification test completion and highlight proper test and measurement approaches, which enhance productivity and shorten debugging time. Application test examples covered in this session include switched mode power supply analysis, parallel/serial bus capture and decoding, clock signal integrity testing, and memory bus analysis.